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    Hi, I would like to invite your clan, EK you guys, EliteKillerz to take part in this year's Vice War, the eighth edition, titled 'Renegade's Strife'. Your clan already took part in the 7th edition, the Biker Brawl in the team I led along with a couple of other people: The Triumvirate. I wanted to thank you all for this individually but I haven't had the chance to since the stats have not been published yet. (...) This year, it won't be a real Vice War as it's going to take place in a custom-made jungle-themed map the size of Downtown Vice City. There are a lot of new features and gamemode ideas, such as.. a bomber plane! You can read more on the VU forum. https://viceunderdogs.com/index.php?board=270.0 7 of your members are registered already. Will I get to see the rest of you guys? How to register? 1. Visit https://viceunderdogs.com/portal/vwplayer/profile 2. Register using your in-game nick and password 3. Visit this server: in order to take a benchmark (PC performance) test. Use the same nick. In order to pass the benchmark successfully, you need: 30 FPS on Test 1 and Test 2 25 FPS on Test 3 and Test 4 4. Wait until an admin approves your account. Keep in mind: you have to play with the resolution you took the benchmark with. Your UID is logged upon joining the benchmark server for the first time so if it changes on subsequent joins you will be banned by the script as a precaution against account breaching. If it happens once, you can get unbanned by posting a request here: https://viceunderdogs.com/index.php?board=279.0 More than once - your account will unfortunately stay banned. People caught cheating in 2019 will not be allowed to play. But we don't have to worry about that with you guys, now do we? The event will take place at December 28, 2019. P.S: Cool modern forum you guys have here! Cheers, krystianoo
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