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    Welcome to our Clan, don't let us down make sure to read EK clan rules and other notices, feel free to use EK tag Congrats. Accepted.
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    We will get back to you,
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    Is it a clan joining app or a discussion of KF clan leaving app
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    YES, i didn't have a chance to Recording but I have standed until the end of war, to prove that even FUCKING OUR OF NUMBERs, EVEN GETTING KILLED SO MANY TIMES We still NO SURRENDER ! they did 2 vs 1 on me since I have joined the server They were : [VU]Diaz ( Mafia ) - the admin ( 359 ) can't even discriminate between accidents and rules-break 3 another under-aliases and some , [MF]Mehdi.Jan^, [DmC]StoNe_KiNg, DS Reborn and DS Kratos. THIS IS LOC https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DAujASfBQb_HkmC1qcwZSREsdQiDNPwd
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    How to own FF kids http://adf.ly/246619/http://www.mediafire.com/file/296mie1wak1eui5/2019-06-26_17-13-11.html/file (CHATLOG)
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    making it genaral discussion, why private?
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    I am gonna speak the truth to you guys . On that day, i was having a duel with a random player who i saw first time on the server, he tried to duel with him with 100000 ecds, i refused him but he tricked by sending a fake msg of duel for 100 ecds, when i loosed the duel, i saw it was for 100000 ecds, i got so depressed at that time as i collected them hardly as alone you would know it is hard to earn ecds. I was kinda depressed and even thought to report but i knew it was not going to work, at that time i should have stayed patient but my mind took me to breach into an inactive player's account only for cash.All i did was for cash which i lost in the duel and in other stuff. I accept my mistake , and that i did a shit, idk what happened to me at that time but i was so confused that i did not knew what is right and wrong. I think the ban of 1 month, will teach me to not to do this kind of act in future. I apologized to the player and the admin staff right after i did this. And i promise that i would not repeat such childish act afterwards !
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