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  1. Real name Mohammed Ashraf Age 18 Nationality Egyptian Country of residence Cario,Egypt Introduction HI, my name is Mohammed, I Am a muslim male player. i like being with friends, I can't make someone sad from me. I Speak English and Arabic ,respectful never lie never abuse u can ask any player about my behaviour and can't talk about my self much sorry for that. My ping 92 and when i lagg it became 200 Ingame name Mo^ Previous ingame name(s) Mo7amd VCMP Experience 3 Weapon preference Chainsaw, Gerandes, Python, Stubby Insgram, Ruger and M60 Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving SdS : It became inactive and hard to find anyone in it. Average ping 185 Why are you interested in joining EK I'm interested to Join in this Clan because I see that members respect each other In addition, members are friendly with other players and most clan have number of my friends and it can improve my skills as it have alot of good players. What benefits can you bring to the clan i am good at team wars I can donate cash as i can if clan asked for Name with tag =EK=Mo^
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