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  1. 4K.

    Just Passing By.

    Flake and 47 didn't play CoD at that time, the clan was found by me along with Mason, but Mason left later on. So you can consider me the founder. Flake has started playing since a couple of days.
  2. You have not answered the third last and second last questions with adequate detail. Please put more effort in your application to avoid an instant denial.
  3. 4K.

    [Denied] Clan Application-T1T4N^

    Refusing to cooperate is not a good sign for an applicant. No.
  4. 4K.

    Clan Application-TitaN^

    Why does your current ingame name have a clan tag? Are you not aware that we don't allow multi clanning.
  5. 4K.

    [Denied]Clan application - SniperKiller

    You are in RF and I think you're aware that we don't allow multi clanning.
  6. 4K.

    accepted Clan application - DestroyeR^

    Congratulations, you've been accepted. Welcome to the clan, and feel free to use the EK tag.
  7. 4K.

    Application No_Skills^

    As Destroyer said you copied 2 main questions from his application, your application will be denied. Denied.
  8. 4K.

    accepted Clan application - DestroyeR^

    I hope EK is not your second choice, anyway thanks for clarifying, we'll get a decision to you soon.
  9. 4K.

    accepted Clan application - DestroyeR^

    It seems you're not understanding my question. I'm asking why did you decide to not rejoin F2 after Force left?
  10. 4K.

    accepted Clan application - DestroyeR^

    But why is that if you left only because Force and he's no longer in F2? Is there any additional reason of leaving?
  11. 4K.

    accepted Clan application - DestroyeR^

    Is there any other reason behind leaving F2? Because if you left because of Force, he left now also and if that was the only reason you could join F2 again.
  12. He likes taking medic because I usually take medic and he’s my student.
  13. 4K.

    [Denied]Clan application - Gumbal

    You have not answered my question.
  14. 4K.

    [Denied]Clan application - Gumbal

    Are you [GB]Gumball?
  15. No. Although there is improvement, still not ready atm.