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  1. 4K.

    [Denied]Clan application - Gumbal

    Are you [GB]Gumball?
  2. No. Although there is improvement, still not ready atm.
  3. What do you mean? He was ingame yesterday and played for around 4 hours.
  4. No, your behavior is not to our standards.
  5. Vote changed to Neutral so you get a chance to improve your behavior.
  6. Why have you left those clans?
  7. 4K.

    denied Clan application - Force

    In my opinion it is still too early to apply. Neutral for now.
  8. After reviewing the report, I've come to a conclusion that all members involved in this case should have better coordination and communication to avoid misunderstandings and I encourage all members to play as a team. You all know English so you should be able to communicate with each other and solve the matter during the incident to resolve the issue and come to a conclusion. Report closed.
  9. Mate, you both know English so why didn’t you discuss it ingame rather than teaming to fight him and then bringing the issue on the forum?
  10. How can you get killed with m60 right after spawn? There is spawn protection and to spawnkill someone you need to first trigger their spawn protection bug by shooting them with shotgun/explosive.
  11. You know when I wanted to get better with shotgun, Lahham used spaz against me and that helped me get better. Similarly if you can learn to counter m60 with m4 then your m4 skills will get better.
  12. Why do you think in friendly duel we choose weapons and in rage mode we use any weapon? As he was saying he just called you guys for practice not a friendly duel and to make the practice as close to reality he was using m60 because in a group fight you will normally see many people using m60.
  13. Please wait for their defense.
  14. 4K.

    New official secondary language

    Many more than that actually, I even told him, but he doesn’t know how to write Urdu unfortunately. :c
  15. 4K.

    denied Clan application - AroR^

    I'm leader. That's reason.
  16. No, you're not ready. You need to improve on your behavior because you often show signs of arrogance.
  17. -Your English is above VCMP standards -You’re helpful in fights and have decent team coordination And your skills have improved a lot from the past with the help of my training, but there are still some improvements required that we can help you with. My vote is Neutral for now as I need some time to finalize.
  18. Neutral for now, need a chance to observe you more.
  19. No. You are easily triggered and often show signs of immaturity, skills are fine because they can be easily worked on, but we can’t accept you just based on that because behavior is more important because when you wear the EK tag then you represent each member and if you portray a negative image of EK then it’s bad for the reputation of all of us. You have also had troubles with following VKs server rules and that is also an important aspect that we have to consider and since then you haven’t really shown any form of apology or guilt. These 2 things are the best for you to start fresh and help you erase the negative image of yourself and rebuild your reputation. I see that you may have potential, but as far as this application is concerned, you clearly aren’t ready based on the points i’ve mentioned above. If you can work on the feedback i’ve given and stay clanless until then to prove your loyalty then you’ll have a better chance next time.
  20. 4K.

    denied Hello <3

  21. 4K.

    denied Hello <3

    Spamming applications shows impatience and will result in an instant denial, and if you continue it then you’ll be forum banned. Why have you posted another application?
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