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  1. I buy that car haha
  2. Maxpayne^

    denied [Denied] Clan application - Torento

    No from me lack of efforts + i don't even see you ingame and your not even replying in your app from a month lol. Denied.
  3. Maxpayne^

    [Denied] Clan Application-T1T4N^

    No, not ready yet. For receiving many No votes and not even single yes, we are gonna deny your application and apply again when you feel ready. Denied.
  4. Maxpayne^

    denied [Denied] Ajdar's joining form

    Since you got many No votes your application is denied, apply again when you feel your ready and make sure to correct title of your application next time. Denied.
  5. Maxpayne^

    denied [Denied] Ajdar's joining form

    Not, ready yet.
  6. Maxpayne^

    denied [Denied] AJdar Join form EK

  7. Maxpayne^

    Clan Application-TitaN^

    You are applying here while you already posted a application in KF. http://kfclan.cf/index.php?PHPSESSID=ohouaqg4lirh2s4ljbimcs36g6&topic=725.msg4436;topicseen#new
  8. Maxpayne^

    Name addition request

  9. Maxpayne^

    [Denied] Clan application - Bninin

    Bnini did you joined in vks server with [ON] Tag today?
  10. Maxpayne^

    Clan application - Sheep

    So, sheep why did you accept WK invitation by hunting? and now that your caught you left it?
  11. Maxpayne^

    Sheep's birthday

    Happy birthday.
  12. Maxpayne^

    Clan application - Sheep

    No. I don't see any-kind of loyalty in you.
  13. Maxpayne^

    denied [Denied] Clan application - 4ckr.

    Changing vote to No, you still need some improvements in your behaviour. Final result. 3 positive votes. 4 negative votes Unfortunately, we are denying your app for getting more negative votes than positive. You may apply again after 2 weeks or when you feel ready. Denied.