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  1. Thanks for waiting, unfortunately we can't accept this clanwar request (if its clan), because alot of our clan members are inactive and hard to get at 1 time another reason the one who agreed are saying there not really rtv players and need more time to learn there game mode, thanks again for making this topic.

  2. Btw spiller if im right, a person just send a video of your based on EK sabotage i would like to say i'm very much disappoint from your this kind of behavior, i didn't really expect you would be this kind of immature thing, i can only see 3 or 2 members of our in your video and you said EK sabotage, brother first thing my members don't even know who is this skullcandy or who were you guys they probably joined because they wanted to have fun, if your really worried about why there fighting you should have told who you are if they known you they would have probably stopped as you were underalias, another thing if we all use your logic like 2 members of clan = putting whole clan name in video, then everyone specially i should rename my vice war 9 video and put all clan names as i dominated most of them there, i would really like to hear what you want to say about it specially putting whole clan name 

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  3. I don't really think this clanwar will be accepted, as alot of our clan members are inactive including me (lost interest in vcmp or other problems) thanks for request.


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