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  1. Capture The Base aka CTB hereby announces it's first event called as CTB Champions. Pack your weapons! Gather your mates and dive into this thrilling and exasperating experience of organized matches and a tournament pool in which every team would fight to be the best! Methodology/Procedure: The matches will be played in a 5v5 format between two teams following the game-mode concept of CTB. Teams can participate only if their captains apply to register their teams on the team applications section of the forum. Tournament standings/Match fixtures will be revealed after considering the
  2. Server Information Server Name: CTB - Capture the base Server IP: Server Discord: https://discord.gg/efBt3vx6H2 Server Forum: https://ctb.vcmp.net/ ServerFiles: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6ynx8bcwvfib2u7/ Gamemode The gamemode is about two teams Blue vs Green,Both teams have to capture base of opponent team.The team who will capture the base first will win the round. Server Trailer Here is the trailer of CTB - Capture the base server.Thanks to @PussyDestroyer for the video. https://www.youtube.
  3. VFS Tournament of Death VFS is back with its 3rd Major event which is its First Duo (2vs2) Tournament. The tournament is based on a team battle where 2 participants of a team fight with another opponent team. There is a set of weapons decided for the match. The match will be based on 3 sets/rounds. The matches be played in different arenas and spectators will have the ability to spectate them live. You can place bets on a specific team. The tournament will have decider, qualifier, eliminator , group and final stages. Any duo can apply after fulfilling the requirements of the tournament.
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