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  1. DestroyeR^

    [VC:MP] Fights.

    Like, comment subscribe and cri. https://youtu.be/Nvj-hlCgmc0 Make sure to watch Full.
  2. DestroyeR^

    CTF - Fights by maxxx

  3. DestroyeR^

    CTF - Fights by maxxx

    Still no better than this one. Train more hahaha
  4. DestroyeR^


    Welcome Brother!
  5. DestroyeR^


    Welcome Back Bro, Missed u alot. Hope to see u again as before.
  6. DestroyeR^

    A Gift to EK.

    Title is Good but Long a bit. xd
  7. DestroyeR^

    VCMP Best of [EK]Lahham^

    Nice buddy! Missing.....
  8. DestroyeR^

    denied [Denied]Clan application - LOGiC

    Dear Applicant, we're now discussing your app Privately. We will get back to you, till then have some patience. Good Luck!
  9. DestroyeR^

    A Gift to EK.

  10. DestroyeR^

    accepted Clan application - IceBlood

    Making desicions in anger doesnt let you to a better place and u somehow proved it. Hope you understood from your mistake.
  11. DestroyeR^


    Why so pero, BTW WTF32 is U?
  12. DestroyeR^

    [denied]Clan application - Chad

    As you joined VCMP too short time ago, you should've spent more time with us and in server. Good Luck Anyway.
  13. DestroyeR^

    Hello to all EK brothers

    Good to see you here.
  14. DestroyeR^

    denied [Denied] Clan application - IceBlood

    Will you left us too if we got inactive?
  15. DestroyeR^

    Old bud there

    Why didn't showed your's?? Anyway, Spawnkill after raged was awesome.. 1st xd 2nd 3rd and 4th hhhh Note: Don't be rage again pls..
  16. DestroyeR^

    denied [Denied] Clan application - Torento

    Deny his app
  17. DestroyeR^

    Application AJDAR

    Hi AJDAR, thanks for putting your interest towards EK, currently we're discussing your app in Private Boards. Please have some patience. I am wishing U Good Luck.
  18. DestroyeR^

    denied [Denied] Clan application - Torento

    Changed to No, you seems like fully inactive now a days. Please try to re-apply once you think are active.
  19. DestroyeR^

    denied [Denied] Clan application - Torento

    Neutral, try to be active in Vks or EC, so that we can test U
  20. DestroyeR^

    Just Passing By.

    No pls, Who are you?
  21. DestroyeR^

    Just Passing By.

  22. DestroyeR^

    [Denied]Clan application - Pietro

    lmao Alone drunk
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