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  1. Skillz

    [Denied]Clan application - Skillz

    Im suplied hacks? Hahahahaaha yeah sure i no need evade like u to get Stats or need hacks to win @4K. Deny this
  2. Skillz

    [Denied]Clan application - Skillz

    Im ON? Nope xD i only used TAG to destroy on And i only used in EC HS TAG i never joined in HS And im not [ON]TrapHole that Is other people with same Country and i used that Nick to destroy on only :*
  3. Skillz

    [Denied]Clan application - Skillz

    Thanks guys i will work in that!
  4. Skillz

    [Denied]Clan application - Skillz

    Thanks brother, i will work in that!
  5. Skillz

    [Denied]Clan application - Skillz

    oh yes bro, i forgot that because kurumi and me have some problems but i will remove that now! i dont know why i no removed lol
  6. Real name Agustin Beron Age 13 Nationality Argentina Country of residence Buenos Aires Introduction Hello I Am Agustin Beron! I Am From Argentina (Buenos Aires) im male. i like watch tv or play with friends! I consider myself as a good person unable to hurt someone. I Speak Spanish and Portuguese, and i like to learn other languages such as English and Urdu! That's all we apologize for being so i don't know how to express myself too well Ingame name Skillz Previous ingame name(s) Nimitz NKB SpiroRasis Agustin gonza VCMP Experience 6 Weapon preference Chainsaw Molotov Python Stubby Uzi or MP5,Insgram, Ruger M4 M6 Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving KS: Closed by me NsK: i left because members are multipleclanning and Halo ignore that VA: Closed RoGt: Closed I am Leal to all clans But all Closed- Except NsK Average ping 240 Why are you interested in joining EK I'm interested to Join in this Clan because I see that members respect one another and that is a guild with a good reputation In addition, members are friendly and most are my friends as 4K Geogeo Maxpayne and others in addition this is the best Clan in vcmp for me. What benefits can you bring to the clan I can provide them with loyalty, honor and respect toward the guild in addition would help to all members in what they need from me and my reach and always wanting my help is the provide Name with tag [EK]Skillz
  7. Skillz


    Good Luck with this new Forum! and Cool theme e.e
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