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  1. Real name اِسْم Mahmoud Age طِوَال 11 Nationality جَنَسِيَّه Egyptian Country of residence بَلَدُ الْمَأوَى Egypt Introduction تَقْدِيْم Hello EK, i wanted to join EK clan because i like EK and i have friends there also im little pro in DM and EK is professional Clan so pls accept me i will be loyal with u Ingame name اِسْمٌ فِيْ لَهْو SniperKiller Previous ingame name(s) اَسْمَاءٌ خَالِيَةٌ فِيْ لَهْو TheSuper VCMP experience تَجْرُبَةُ وِيْ سِيْ اَمْ بِي 2 Weapon preference تَفْضِيلَةُ الْبَنَادِق M4,Ingram,Pump or stubby Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving فُرُقَ الْخَالِيَةُ وَ لِمَ تَرَكْتَهُم/تَرَكْتِهِم No Average ping تَأْخِير 92 Why are you interested in joining EK لِمَ تُرِيدُ/تُرِيدِينَ الْدُخُولَ فِي اِيلَايِتْكِلَرْزْ Because EK is Pro clan and i have friends in the clan so i want to be part of EK that will be Amazing What benefits can you bring to the clan مَا تَسْتَطِيعُ عَلَيهِ لِلْفَرِيقِ مِنْ الْمَنَافِع idk just tell me what do u need and i will do anything (im loyal) Name with tag =EK=SniperKiller
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