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  1. Lorenzo.


    The only one who gave me a chance from this clan was geo, u just ignored me.
  2. Lorenzo.


    @SiGNaL yes i did apply for VU, and then applied here cuz im more active on vk's and i applied cuz i thought EK was a good a clan inmy opinion i've been trying to improve with everything in game, but fine if u say that i cant be, iwont be you will never hear a word from me again.
  3. Lorenzo.

    [Denied]Clan application - Lorenzo.

    I'll contact you guys for a duel :D
  4. Lorenzo.

    [Denied]Clan application - Lorenzo.

    I'm as good as geo, but sure if u say so.
  5. Lorenzo.

    [Denied]Clan application - Lorenzo.

    Yes, i did some mistakes, since then i haven't flamed or death evaded i fixed my behavior.
  6. Lorenzo.

    [Denied]Clan application - Lorenzo.

    I play more on afternoons, and nights.
  7. Lorenzo.

    [Denied]Clan application - Lorenzo.

    Thanks i play everyday i see a lot of EK members but still haven't seen you ig
  8. Real name Alexander Age 16 Nationality Macedonian Country of residence Macedonia Introduction I been playing VCMP for 8 months now, i play everyday on servers like CTF,EC, and i play mostly on VK's it's my favorite server Ingame name LOR3NZO Previous ingame name(s) none. VCMP Experience 0 Weapon preference i kill mostly with stubby and M4 Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving none. i was asked once to join RK and SoA but i denied. Average ping 85 Why are you interested in joining EK Well i play with EK members on VK's also duel, so i decided to join EK, i see it as a good clan with great members. What benefits can you bring to the clan Well, i will try my best so EK to be 1. on the list, also help others if they want to join. Name with tag [EK]Lorenzo

Clan history

EliteKillerz was initially a Call of Duty 4 clan and was later expanded to VC:MP. The VC:MP clan was originally founded by EK.Fleka and =EK=47., but was known by another name. Later as =EK=4K. had joined them, they had renamed the clan to EK and continued their journey in gathering VC:MP veterans and potential talents.

About us

EliteKillerz is mainly a DM focused clan, but our top priority is maturity and professionalism. Although we look for candidates to meet our standard in terms of DMing skills, we shall not accept a candidate who doesn't meet our maturity standard or is not willing to improve.

Discord server

Join us on our official Discord server to stay up-to-date with the clan news and to interact with our community.


Clan recruitment

Clan recruitment at EK is currently open. If you wish to join, please fill a clan joining application form which can be found in its respective section.

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