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  1. DarKDraGoN^

    When I insulted EK??

    Hy Mr. Alone you denied my app and said that I insulted EK. When I insulted EK??I love EK more than any CLAN! I don't remember when I insulted EK of I have also insulted EK so forgive me but I don't know when I insulted EK??
  2. Real name اِسْم Haseeb Hassan Age طِوَال 14 Nationality جَنَسِيَّه Pakistani Country of residence بَلَدُ الْمَأوَى Pakistan Introduction تَقْدِيْم Hello everyone! I am DarKDraGoN^and my real name is Muhammad Anas.I am a very quiet and innocent boy. I like to help others even I almost help anyone one time atleast a day even in Exams.😆I also respect any one even my worst enemy and I never abused anyone in game. Ingame name اِسْمٌ فِيْ لَهْو DarKDraGoN^ Previous ingame name(s) اَسْمَاءٌ خَالِيَةٌ فِيْ لَهْو [Triad]John, VKSDRAGON,Fire^DRAGON,Dragon^,AnaS^,Dragon^ (Again),DarKDraGoNxms^,DarKDraGoN^ VCMP experience تَجْرُبَةُ وِيْ سِيْ اَمْ بِي 2018 Weapon preference تَفْضِيلَةُ الْبَنَادِق Stub,Uzi, Ruger and sniper. Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving فُرُقَ الْخَالِيَةُ وَ لِمَ تَرَكْتَهُم/تَرَكْتِهِم GK is my own Clan and I am leaving because no one wants to join GK and maybe I'll close it after joining EK Average ping تَأْخِير 150 Why are you interested in joining EK لِمَ تُرِيدُ/تُرِيدِينَ الْدُخُولَ فِي اِيلَايِتْكِلَرْزْ I am loving EK since I joined game. And my skills are also good. Mr. Alone and sparrow know better about my skills. I have improved my skills very much in the past 20 days and thought to take a simple test with alone and other EK members that am I good for this CLAN?? Also this Clan had pro and well mannered players. What benefits can you bring to the clan مَا تَسْتَطِيعُ عَلَيهِ لِلْفَرِيقِ مِنْ الْمَنَافِع I think that being in Clan, I will make the clan stats more better and increase it as much I can. Name with tag =EK=DarKDraGoN^
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