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    Nickname: SHAHZADA_IDREES** Previous Nicks:IDREES_ASHARAF Previous Clans:no Why U Leave Previous Clans:- Real First Name: Idrees Ashraf Age:19 Gender:Male Location:Pakistan Time Playing VC:MP:Since 1 Average Hourly Play:4-5 hours Average Days Play:every day Most Used Server(s):lw,vks Why are you interested in joining THE: yes Why do you think we should accept you into our clan? i have pro skills and m4 pro +stubby pro and i liked this clan so much. Which member(s) do you know: all Good luck. Additional Information: very active player, friendly , pros too, i liked how the clan is very active and kick the break rules players and keep order so i requested to join *kind regards, [EK] SHAHZADA_IDREES**
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