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  1. Dark_Abdo

    Clan member list

    Added EK.EZi0.
  2. Dark_Abdo

    Clan application - JaR

    Accepted. Welcome to the clan!
  3. Dark_Abdo

    Clan application - White_smile

    Your application has been accepted. Welcome to EK.
  4. Dark_Abdo

    denied Clan application - White_smile

    Please read the previous reason. Feel free to apply again after a month.
  5. Dark_Abdo

    denied Ths

  6. Dark_Abdo

    Clan application - White_smile

    Unfortunately, your application is denied. Feel free to apply once again when you feel that you are ready.
  7. Dark_Abdo

    Clan member list

    =EK=balee, =EK=funny, [EK]AddeR^, =EK=Shax, =EK=ShaRabI^, [EK]Chicago_PD and =EK=Jetix are removed because they are inactive. They are free to apply again once they become active again.
  8. Dark_Abdo

    Clan application - Chilllzyy

    Unfortunately your application has been denied. You are free to apply after a month or when you feel that you are ready. Good luck next time.
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