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  1. Chad

    My Fights <3

    Keep owning nabs xD.
  2. How to own FF kids http://adf.ly/246619/http://www.mediafire.com/file/296mie1wak1eui5/2019-06-26_17-13-11.html/file (CHATLOG)
  3. Chad

    [denied]Clan application - Chad

    I know that but in short time i have learned so much things from you, EK and others and i'm still learning today. If i get a chance then i will never try to disappoint u.
  4. Real name اِسْم Ashutosh Pareek Age طِوَال 16 Nationality جَنَسِيَّه Indian Country of residence بَلَدُ الْمَأوَى India Introduction تَقْدِيْم Myself Chad, i'm a student of 11th commerce. Many of players in VK server think that i'm Shadow Jack but actually I and Shadowjack live in same apartment, now he is gone to out of station for more than 1 year, he gived me his laptop and he shared me his account to maintain his cars. But i dont like to use his account very much because he is very arrogant so i made my own account in VKS SERVER. When i joined, many o
  5. ok leave it please help me to edit my custom prop because i bought my custom prop today and i want ur help to add houses, park and cool things in my prop
  6. i say how are you to u before u join these jobs but u dont like to reply me
  7. I say hi to u u also say hi to me i say how are you to u u dont say anything so u ignore me.
  8. Me too Yes and u should not ignore me
  9. I saw this video and i'm improved a bit now. thanks for sharing
  10. Hello all First, I want to say thank you to Mo^ because he helped me to register in this forum. My name is Chad. If you don't know me so I'm a new player of VKs and I sometimes use ShadowJack's account but i use my account most of time because he lived in my same apartment, i taked his laptop and now ordered me to complete regular activities like join.the server before 30 days , /wod which have Hide n seek and /challenges. If I dont do his work then he will delete my real account and lock his real acccount. When i meeted [Mr.alone] for first time then i asked him about EK clan t
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