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  1. Version 1.0.0


    With this Police bribe markers It will helps you in finding Police bribe pickups when ever you wanted to Robery
  2. Mo^

    miscellaneous VC-MP config hud.

    Version 1.0.0


    This mode for VC-MP only can't run on single mode. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What does this mode change? --------------------------------------------- Changes Font to "Tohama". Changes the Chat background color made 100% invisible. Changes the health bar colors. Changes the score board colors and makes it 20% invisible. -------------------------------------------------- As you can see in shotscreens... l --------------------------------------------------- How to instal? ----------------------- Just copy the "vcmp_c
  3. Mo^

    accepted Clan application - DestroyeR^

    Dear applicant. Your application is pending now, please have some patience and visit our forum to check your application updates. عزيزي الطالب .تطبيقك معلق الآن ، يرجى أن يكون لديك بعض الصبر وزيارة منتدانا للتحقق من تحديثات التطبيق الخاص بك
  4. Mo^

    [Denied] Clan application - Bninin

    You are changing to better keep it, until that i am going with Natural.
  5. Mo^

    [Denied]Clan application - Gumbal

    Ok. Delete this replay, it's useless. :V
  6. Mo^

    [Denied]Clan application - Gumbal

    No untill seeing more "Improvements"
  7. Mo^

    [Denied]Clan application - Gumbal

    +1 And recommending more information about your self (Like in which servers you play,if you have other nicks a time you will be in the game in) and your clan interesting, that will make us thankful and help us to take our opinion about accepting or denying you.
  8. I am afraid that my vote will go with Natural, But i believe that you won't disappoint us when u join the clan because the improved in your skills and behaviours. I hope, I am right thu.
  9. Mo^

    denied Clan application - Force

    MY vote is YES for sure.
  10. in prop 100 when u spawn and fell into the grand ur Spawn protection ends or give you only 1 sec so u stand without SP and that's why there's alot of spawn killers there again u asking me to concentration to DM-ING ?
  11. ok i will try but i have a question how i counter M60 if i get killed when i just spawned ?
  12. 4K when u are weak in something and want to improve it what u will do ? Like i am not good in the real weps yet like M4,Shotguns i still keep practising on it. My M4 skills improving day after day and shotguns too so that what i need to improve right now then i can see the secadnry things like Dm-ing or something else Alone just know i still weak against M60 what he do in the DM-ing keep killing us with M60 he was like <Move m60 move> don't show anything else expact he says we are Noobs. DM-ing. and about me and GolatooZz teaming without the same skin we wasn't
  13. Mo^

    Clan application - 3moreee

    Ok me Changed to YES
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