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  1. Version 1.0.0


    With this Police bribe markers It will helps you in finding Police bribe pickups when ever you wanted to Robery
  2. Mo^

    miscellaneous VC-MP config hud.

    Version 1.0.0


    This mode for VC-MP only can't run on single mode. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What does this mode change? --------------------------------------------- Changes Font to "Tohama". Changes the Chat background color made 100% invisible. Changes the health bar colors. Changes the score board colors and makes it 20% invisible. -------------------------------------------------- As you can see in shotscreens... l --------------------------------------------------- How to instal? ----------------------- Just copy the "vcmp_config.txt" file into AppData\Roaming\VCMP\04beta Folder. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy. -------------- /\ /\ //\\ / \ / \ O O OOOOOOO // \\ / \ / \ O O / \ / \ O O / \/ \ O O / \ O O / \ OOOOOO / \
  3. Mo^

    accepted Clan application - DestroyeR^

    Dear applicant. Your application is pending now, please have some patience and visit our forum to check your application updates. عزيزي الطالب .تطبيقك معلق الآن ، يرجى أن يكون لديك بعض الصبر وزيارة منتدانا للتحقق من تحديثات التطبيق الخاص بك
  4. Mo^

    [Denied] Clan application - Bninin

    You are changing to better keep it, until that i am going with Natural.
  5. Mo^

    [Denied]Clan application - Gumbal

    Ok. Delete this replay, it's useless. :V
  6. Mo^

    [Denied]Clan application - Gumbal

    No untill seeing more "Improvements"
  7. Mo^

    [Denied]Clan application - Gumbal

    +1 And recommending more information about your self (Like in which servers you play,if you have other nicks a time you will be in the game in) and your clan interesting, that will make us thankful and help us to take our opinion about accepting or denying you.
  8. I am afraid that my vote will go with Natural, But i believe that you won't disappoint us when u join the clan because the improved in your skills and behaviours. I hope, I am right thu.
  9. Mo^

    denied Clan application - Force

    MY vote is YES for sure.
  10. in prop 100 when u spawn and fell into the grand ur Spawn protection ends or give you only 1 sec so u stand without SP and that's why there's alot of spawn killers there again u asking me to concentration to DM-ING ?
  11. ok i will try but i have a question how i counter M60 if i get killed when i just spawned ?
  12. 4K when u are weak in something and want to improve it what u will do ? Like i am not good in the real weps yet like M4,Shotguns i still keep practising on it. My M4 skills improving day after day and shotguns too so that what i need to improve right now then i can see the secadnry things like Dm-ing or something else Alone just know i still weak against M60 what he do in the DM-ing keep killing us with M60 he was like <Move m60 move> don't show anything else expact he says we are Noobs. DM-ing. and about me and GolatooZz teaming without the same skin we wasn't have any intention to teaming then but when he just started to just kill with m60 we got to team aganist him to make him stop. He know i am still practising with the players to improve my main skill. and he said before he can do easily 2 vs 1 so i stopped and give him the chance to play it. At the end i want to repeat so he can remember : I WANT TO IMPROVE MY MAIN SKILLS AND DON'T CARE NOW ABOUT THE SECONDARY THINGS LIKE DM-ING OR DETECTING NOOBS !!.
  13. Mo^

    Clan application - 3moreee

    Ok me Changed to YES
  14. Mo^

    Clan application - 3moreee

    Well good behavior have better English but need to be improved don’t worry u will be improved more and more with us But I am going with Natural for now
  15. Mo^

    New official secondary language

    The translator does not put the letter movements on the translation. .المترجم لا يضع حركات الحروف علي الترجمة
  16. Mo^

    New official secondary language

    but it's still good and i am glad with that great decision from him and from EK. and even we are arabs we can wrong in Arabic too it's not a rule.
  17. Sparow's Vote is Big FAT YES. he can't vote by his account because he forgot his password.
  18. Mo^

    New official secondary language

    Brother that translate is worst than google’s one
  19. Mo^

    denied Clan application - Sheep

    I am going with No
  20. I agree with max and 4K but I will go with majority
  21. My vote ? is YES . Due to his personal improvement I was watching him from while that’s why my vote came late. And his skill improved more.
  22. Mo^

    New official secondary language

    A new pro decision from EK leaders ? and poor translations from IceFlack ?
  23. I am going with natural that Idk him so much and his Rule-break.
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