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  1. SiGNaL

    accepted Clan application - IceBlood

    We will get back to you,
  2. SiGNaL

    accepted Clan application - IceBlood

    -Wouldn't you feel same as how you felt when you were in KF if we accept you? Why not? -Do you have any ban history in official server or are you currently banned in any major DM server?
  3. SiGNaL

    Clan application - Mr.Lz

    Are you Mr.T ? You must work hard on your English, I know you didn't mean to say you will betray this clan but it can be more worse if we let you in, so please try to improve your English and apply once you think you are ready.
  4. SiGNaL

    [Accepted]Clan application - 4ckr.

    Neutral, try to show up in VKs.
  5. SiGNaL

    Clan application - Sheep

    I vote No for now, good luck
  6. SiGNaL

    [Accepted]Clan Application - Sparow

    4 votes says you deserve a chance here, feel free to wear EK tag wherever you go! don't disappoint us :]
  7. SiGNaL

    Clan member list

    Sparrow is an EK member now!
  8. SiGNaL

    Clan member list

    BODDA has been kicked for multi clanning with RF.
  9. SiGNaL

    [Accepted]Clan Application - Sparow

    jajajajaj maxpain lole, okay I vote yes.
  10. SiGNaL

    [Accepted]Clan Application - Sparow

    I agree with 4K's opinion, Neutral.
  11. SiGNaL

    [Accepted]Clan application - Umar4911

    Changing my vote to neutral.

Clan history

EliteKillerz was initially a Call of Duty 4 clan and was later expanded to VC:MP. The VC:MP clan was originally founded by EK.Fleka and =EK=47., but was known by another name. Later as =EK=4K. had joined them, they had renamed the clan to EK and continued their journey in gathering VC:MP veterans and potential talents.

About us

EliteKillerz is mainly a DM focused clan, but our top priority is maturity and professionalism. Although we look for candidates to meet our standard in terms of DMing skills, we shall not accept a candidate who doesn't meet our maturity standard or is not willing to improve.

Discord server

Join us on our official Discord server to stay up-to-date with the clan news and to interact with our community.


Clan recruitment

Clan recruitment at EK is currently open. If you wish to join, please fill a clan joining application form which can be found in its respective section.

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