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  1. The day you’ve all been waiting for, is finally here! Team VCDC has crossed so many hurdles to bring this to you. Bring out your guns ‘cause you’re meant to set a record. This is a list of all our amazing features: https://viceunderdogs.com/index.php?topic=15669.0 Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this magnanimous event. Be the first one to apply, register now to experience excellence: https://viceunderdogs.com/index.php?topic=15675.0
  2. Credit to Spiller for image What is VCDC? After waiting for 3 years, upon popular demand from the community, Vice Underdogs yet again presents the sixth installment of Vice City Dueling Championship which has features which will blow your socks off. VCDC is an idea which started back in 2009 by [VU]aXXo, it aims to revive player activities in VCMP from the start, it promotes the dueling side of the game and creates competition between the players all around Vice City Multiplayer. This tournament has been growing every installment, last season we made it
  3. Congratulations for making it @Norwel ! Make us proud hermano!
  4. SiGNaL

    Clan member list

    Razor / Norwel is an EK member now!
  5. SiGNaL

    accepted Clan application - Norwel

    After discussing privately, we have decided to welcome you to the family, feel free to wear the EK tag wherever you go
  6. SiGNaL

    RTV | Frags by =EK=UmaR^

    pro h bhai
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    Forum Changelog

    26-06-2020 -New Theme -New look and effects for user groups - Gallery - Public and Private Chatbox have been moved to the bottom
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    Clan member list

    Pavonis is back to EK, welcome back.
  22. SiGNaL

    accepted Clan application - Pavonis

    Welcome back to the clan, feel free to wear EK tag wherever you go :]
  23. Members: Left. Ahnaf Beast_Boy Bray Edwin Hoan Mason Michael/5K/Sarah/Anonymous Mr.T QuanHouse/Mr.House RainY S.T(O).R.M/5nk/Cold/ d3v1ce / Aegis SpitFire/AnaliZator^
  24. SiGNaL

    'denied' Clan join application [G.T]Yashu

    Hey Yashu, you received too many negative votes, beside that we are not looking for players who let others use their account if you know what I mean, have a nice day.
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