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  1. you can meet me ingame to more know something myself
  2. its not a clan me and my friends used this because we want to specify our team
  3. Real name Uzay Age 17 Nationality Turkey Country of residence Ordu Introduction Hi My name is Uzay im playing vcmp very much a day im addicted this game and im trying have a good friends ingame and i find this clan i hope i will be part of clan Ingame name pooo Previous ingame name(s) none VCMP Experience 2 Weapon preference shotgun m60 Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving none Average ping 125 Why are you interested in joining EK its my first app and i wanna join a special clan and be part of ek i waited right time and i think this time to post a application What benefits can you bring to the clan i dont wanna tell lie but i can guess it teamwork and jokes Name with tag =EK=Uzay
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