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  1. ShadoW.OF.DarknesS

    [Denied]Clan application - ShadoW.OF.DarknesS

    Sorry for double reply but I can't edit it. My clan was re opened by ReadyMate and he forced me to come back to server. So sorry for wasting you precious time.
  2. ShadoW.OF.DarknesS

    [Denied]Clan application - ShadoW.OF.DarknesS

    Sorry but WnS clan is re opened be sure to deny app.
  3. ShadoW.OF.DarknesS

    where is everyone :X

    Bro Pro English Hi Scrubs
  4. ShadoW.OF.DarknesS

    lol this

    Unlucky casper :c
  5. ShadoW.OF.DarknesS

    [Accepted]Clan Application - Sparow

    Good Luck bro ?
  6. ShadoW.OF.DarknesS

    [Accepted]Clan application - Umar4911

    Good Luck umar .
  7. Real name Musa Abbasi Age 14 Nationality Pakistani Country of residence Pakistan Introduction Hey guys as most of you know me , My name is Musa as well as my neighbors also call me mahmood when they feel most happy . I country is Pakistan , Sukker city. I like to have a friendly behavior with others . I have lot of anger but also lot of Patience . Ingame name ShadoW.OF.DarKness Previous ingame name(s) [WnS]BlacK.PAnther , WnS.ShaDoW.OF.DarknesS, Feast^ , and many VCMP Experience 3 Weapon preference M4 , St , Shot. Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving WnS: Due to leaving VCMP and I have changed the founder to ReadYmate. [VM]: Got Inactive and Closed. Average ping 160 Why are you interested in joining EK Well , EK contains members which are highly mannered and good at friendly . They have a better mind set on what aim they have to reach . What benefits can you bring to the clan I will try to spread as much respect of EK to other VCMP members and will show them how loyal EK members are with their clan and how skillful they are. Name with tag [EK]MorDoR^
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