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  1. KillerZz..!

    denied Clan application - Force

    Iam going with big YES!you have great skills
  2. KillerZz..!

    [Denied]Clan application - Ahmed_Gren^

    NO. Good Luck..
  3. KillerZz..!

    [Accepted]Clan application - Umar4911

    Changed to YES! Your skills is weak but ur behavior is above all.(YOU CAN IMPROVE)
  4. KillerZz..!

    [Denied]Clan application - ShadoW.OF.DarknesS

    Netural. I hope to improve your english, meet me ingame to view ur skills.
  5. KillerZz..!

    [Accepted]Clan Application - Sparow

    Changed to YES! Your Skills are good i hope for u to improve more.
  6. KillerZz..!

    [Accepted]Clan application - Umar4911

    Good Luck, Umar
  7. KillerZz..!

    accepted [Accepted]Clan application - KillerZz..!

    Okay thanks for anything
  8. KillerZz..!

    accepted [Accepted]Clan application - KillerZz..!

    My english is not weak, its normal but u cant understand what i said on my reply if i get to banned for turbo glitch, its surely not perma but its temp ban and i get my time for ban and 2 weeks and now theres no reason to deny my fpv unban app i just said u know 4K because u are seriously in apply the rules but super serious xD.
  9. KillerZz..!

    accepted [Accepted]Clan application - KillerZz..!

    It can't be solved, 4K is admin who's banned me, u know 4K can't unban without super clearly reason
  10. KillerZz..!

    accepted [Accepted]Clan application - KillerZz..!

    Listen bro, i left the 2 other clans because the coming reasons.. 1-SdS- I left it because it inactive, and forum closed too, and theres no members on it pro's i was full member and the best in clan from skills. 2-KF- when i was joining KF i thought its nice and good clan from /toplist 13 too but when i get on it long time about 1 month i discover Stylish and thunder make ban evade and other hacks and all said to me if the founder of the clan is hacker what about the members?, i notice that some of players when i kill them, they say to me KF hacker. the 2nd reason for left KF is F2's is e
  11. Real name Ahmed. Age 16 Nationality Egypt. Country of residence Cairo, Egypt. Introduction My name is ahmed iam student in school my hobbies is play video games. Ingame name KillerZz..! Previous ingame name(s) [KFt]KillerZz..!, =SdS=Killer^ VCMP Experience 4 Weapon preference Stubby, m4 and m60. Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving SdS- I left it For inactive, no one join server and its so boring. CMC- Its not considerd as clan because it wasn't have forum i guess and it was friendly clan, i left it to j
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