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  1. StorM^

    [Denied]Clan application - StorM^

    Requesting leaders to close this application, because i am not ready yet for Ek
  2. Real name Rafay Age 15 Nationality Pakistani Country of residence Pakistan Introduction Hi Freinds, My real name is Abdul Rafay and i am 15 years old. I live in Karachi. Ingame name StorM^ Previous ingame name(s) [D]emoN_[C]harliE, =TDW=[D]emoN_[C]harliE, =TDW=Bl[A]cK.Bi[R]D^, =KM=Bl[A]cK.Bi[R]D^, Bl[A]cK.Bi[R]D^, StorM^, iNs.StorM^ VCMP Experience 1 Weapon preference Stubby, Spaz, M4, M5, M60, Tec-9 and sometimes shotgun Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving TDW, KM, iNs TDW (Closed) KM (inactive members) iNs (inactive members) Average ping 130 Why are you interested in joining EK Good and mature members. And my freinds are in EK. What benefits can you bring to the clan I will do anything for making clan reputation good and i will never let EK down. Name with tag =EK=StorM^
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