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    [Denied]Clan application - StorM^

    Requesting leaders to close this application, because i am not ready yet for Ek
  2. Real name Rafay Age 15 Nationality Pakistani Country of residence Pakistan Introduction Hi Freinds, My real name is Abdul Rafay and i am 15 years old. I live in Karachi. Ingame name StorM^ Previous ingame name(s) [D]emoN_[C]harliE, =TDW=[D]emoN_[C]harliE, =TDW=Bl[A]cK.Bi[R]D^, =KM=Bl[A]cK.Bi[R]D^, Bl[A]cK.Bi[R]D^, StorM^, iNs.StorM^ VCMP Experience 1 Weapon preference Stubby, Spaz, M4, M5, M60, Tec-9 and sometimes shotgun Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving TDW, KM, iNs TDW (Closed) KM (inactive memb
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