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  1. ..l.

    Clan member list

    Added EK.wHoMe, member count is 29, now
  2. ..l.

    [Accepted]Clan application - PizzaDough

    Accepted Welcome to EK ~EK.wHoMe~
  3. ..l.

    denied [Denied] Clan application - Galaxy_Boy^

    Thank you for showing interest toward EK Your application is under discussion Please be patient
  4. ..l.

    [Denied]Clan application - KaiTo^

    Thanks you Kaito for having interested toward EK clan. But unfortunately, You are denied as I know you just have left F2 early a couple of days You have to be clanless at least a month Free feel to apply after 1 month
  5. ..l.

    Kat & King Cops and Robbers

    The server is closed, i guess
  6. ..l.

    hi to aljl peoile tor

    post it at general disscusion, not here
  7. ..l.


    hi bro
  8. ..l.

    accepted Clan application - 3moreee

    Explain the sentence which was made by you after got denied
  9. ..l.

    Kat & King Cops and Robbers

    Enjoyed, Nice server, better than the ones exist on Masterlist Ofc, it still has some bug, but soon will be fixed
  10. ..l.


    yes, pls
  11. ..l.

    [Denied]Clan application - Galaxy_Boy^

    Denied ( for life ) Khawaja Ban evader Immature Massive Rule-breaks
  12. ..l.

    CTF - Fights by maxxx

    lool me vs 3 proest of vks ,y'all noob
  13. ..l.

    CTF - Fights by maxxx

    finally, youtube supported max's screen jajaj
  14. hm ? Clan application isn't a joke
  15. ..l.

    My Fights <3

    #A ONE MAN ARMY RAISE ! with no MERCY #Teamwork makes everything #Cop Slayers
  16. ..l.


    lets use the old one, shall we
  17. ..l.


    hello pero Fourm maker I k it was focfed up by Fleke
  18. ..l.

    VCMP Best of [EK]Lahham^

    Lahham^ is now inactive and msg to post this So Enjoy
  19. I'm sorry, you must stay clanless for atleast 1 month before applying` Denied
  20. You left VK a few days ago, didn't you ?
  21. ..l.

    A Gift to EK.

    K, thanks you for your kindness
  22. ..l.

    A Gift to EK.

    na, it doesn't matter how big title is Title reward is a very special thing It is your choice
  23. ..l.

    accepted Clan application - IceBlood

    http://kfclan.cf/index.php?topic=651.0 A family member is definied as Many people consider friends to be as close or even closer than extended (or immediate) family. People who have lost close family members may create a family unit of friends with similar interests and goals to become replacements or enhancements to a lacking family structure. This type of family unit, while untraditional, can be just as close, if not closer, than a traditional structure. Friends are chosen by an individual; at times, these people may be more special or important than the family a person was born with. You were a full Member in KF where you call a family then suddently you left the clan by the dramma was created by other clan, is it worth ?
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