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  1. ..l.

    Clan Application-TitaN^

    denied you must remove your tag and be clanless for at least 1 month
  2. ..l.

    accepted Clan application - DestroyeR^

    Remember to read the EK Notices, EK hitlist and more.... all located in Private Board
  3. ..l.

    [denied]Clan application - Mr.Lz

    Denied as I mentioned, you need at least 1 month to make an application again ( nói rồi, chờ 1 tháng rồi làm đơn lại đi, tiếng anh ông tệ vcc, thì sao vào được ??? )
  4. ..l.

    Clan application - Mr.Lz

    Denied. Feel free to re-apply after 1 month
  5. ..l.

    Clan application - Mr.Lz

    Đừng có một lần post 3 cái cmt một lúc, ráng cho nó vào 1 đi ~~, nhìn ông thấy ông spam vc
  6. ..l.

    Clan application - Mr.Lz

    no, he is not Mr.T
  7. ..l.

    Clan application - Mr.Lz

    communication skill is bad immature No for now
  8. ..l.

    [Accepted]Clan application - 4ckr.

    Accepted Welcome to EliteKillerz feel free to put EK tag on your name Make sure that you have read the EK notices and more.... in Private Board
  9. ..l.

    [Accepted]Clan application - 4ckr.

    then i would change to Neutral
  10. ..l.

    [Accepted]Clan application - 4ckr.

    no be more active in game and why you follow WK?
  11. ..l.

    Fights Video

    tf, who add so much tags
  12. ..l.

    Clan application - Sheep

    My thanks, Hunting Good job !
  13. ..l.

    Clan member list

    EK.JackStep/Gynla has been kicked
  14. ..l.

    [Denied] Clan application - Bninin

    what do you mean by this? still going with a No Immature EK's standard mostly depends on behavior.
  15. ..l.

    Sheep's birthday

    Happy birthday Sheep !
  16. ..l.

    Clan application - Sheep

    Finally, i have my decision It is a No Dear Sheep I know you are trying to improve yourself and you usually come with us, but after all I see you need must more improvement not even in VKs server, also in other server. Yesterday when i was in VCCNR and i saw your behavior toward other player, it was not good
  17. ..l.

    [Denied]Clan application - Gumbal

    Denied this application instantly due to these issues +FPV banned +Lack of English +Lack of Skills
  18. ..l.

    [Denied]Clan application - Gumbal

    ông trao dồi tiếng anh nhiều vào đi, clan toàn dùng tiếng anh để giao tiếp, lúc nào cũng dùng google dịch sao được
  19. ..l.

    Clan application - Sheep

    These applications have been denied for a month. Continuing Vote
  20. ..l.

    Clan application - Sheep

    mind you show me the proofs please
  21. ..l.

    vcmp :c

    waiting for volumne 3 :c
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