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  1. ..l.

    [Denied]Clan application - Gumbal

    Improve your English Improve your skills No from Now
  2. ..l.

    Last EliteKillerz Standing

    Infomation: >This event is announced by Mr.Alone >Only for EliteKillerz member >Referee will the member of Event-staff members Area: >Proploc 460 Reward: >300000$ and Verbal title : Pero of the Month Time: >Friday night 9/11/2018 ******************************Good Luck Elite Player******************************
  3. ..l.

    Clan application - Sheep

    >> Read the Notices please
  4. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Last Elite Killer Standing<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I hope it will be the chance for you guys trainning your DMing skillz as well. Take notice on others and remember that :After our clan event is done, clan's member must tell what is weakness of your clanmate, from that we can improve it everytime Infomation: >This event is announced by Mr.Alone >Only for EliteKillerz member >Referee will the member of Event-staff section Area: >Proploc 460 Reward: >300000$ and verbal title : Pero of the Month Time: November: 9/11
  5. Finally, I have my vote, it is a NO
  6. ..l.

    How To Join Clan??

    pero Locked
  7. English Immature Sorry, pal. I will go with a NO at this time
  8. ..l.

    50K Mile stone achieved

    nice stats padding
  9. Accepted Welcome to EK Make sure that you have READ the EK's Notices which located in Private Board
  10. stop talking. and concentrating to DM
  11. and you are going out of topic
  12. then get killed by M60 more. it is a DM
  13. Did i say a friendly duel? I said you guys to came to practise as DM-ing. We're getting weak in Dming, like when you, Killer and Mo^ together kill me without same skin yes. as 4K said . enemies use m60. enemies use remote-glitch. enemies spawn-kill. enemies bla....bla... that is truely DM are.
  14. Changed to Neutral Skills improved ( little ) Keep playing with us
  15. 4 hours ago, when Golatorzz, Mo, Sparow are in-game. So I called them come to prop100 for DM-ing, you guys : my m4 skill is shit. but m6 skill doesn't, so I used M60 to do DM, then they together started kill me ( 100% that Killerz call them to do ). so the DM became 3vs1. Im tried to explain that : ''when DM, your enemy will use all the weapon they like'', but still, they didn't listen and keep killing me
  16. ..l.

    Clan application - 3moreee

    Put more effort on your application Skills below average NO
  17. Mo has voted for you. therefore, i will delete it
  18. Denied. Thanks for applying to EK
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