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  1. ..l.

    denied Clan application - Sheep

    Immature Rules breaker Sorry. I will go with a NO
  2. ..l.

    New official secondary language

    make vietnamese = third language pls
  3. try to active more in VKS and play with us more. so others EK can know you as well
  4. ..l.

    [Denied]Hello guys Im Adhem^

    Denied. https://forum.elitekillerz.net/index.php?/application/form/1-clan-application-form/ Here, Fill it
  5. Skills below average. Could you tell me why you got banned? [Reason] It will very nice if you provide me the topic about it
  6. NO Immature Rules breaker Good luck
  7. Good now. EK's member can cast their Vote
  8. Please make an new Application with that Account. Thanks you. Denied.
  9. Good now. EK's member can cast their vote
  10. ..l.

    [Denied]Clan application - UzI

    Please make an new Application. Denied
  11. ..l.

    EK Mods ( by Mo^ )

    Version 1.0.0


    This mods is included: =EK=Helicopter^ 1.2 Police Morvict =EK=Helicopter^ for VCN Cortiz Ship port with EK Badge EK Full Hud (Mo^ edited)
  12. ..l.

    My score xD

    Everyone is having a Good meats these days XD Myself doesn't kill newbie, I always spawn Custom vehicle for them to have a great experiment while playing in server :>
  13. ..l.

    [Denied]Clan application - UzI

    Sticky with a No Rule breaker. Immature. Good Luck
  14. ..l.

    Clan member list

    Added Gren^ [Fleka, help me in formating it again]
  15. ..l.

    [Accepted]Clan application - Ahmed_Gren^

    Accepted Welcome to EliteKillerz @4K, mind you give him rank on forum @Gren, post transfer stats application on VK forum Remember to read the EK Notices in Private Board and follow it
  16. ..l.

    [Accepted]Clan application - Ahmed_Gren^

    but be more active in-game also in EK forum
  17. ..l.

    My score xD

    nyc stats padding XD
  18. ..l.

    [Accepted]Clan application - Ahmed_Gren^

    Skills are good but still I will go with Neutral Good luck
  19. Rules-breaker?. Sorry, so I sticky with a NO
  20. No Active more in VK forum also ingame so Everybody can know you as well Improve your skills
  21. Can I ask a question ? - Are you Snow^ - Fleka's brothers ?
  22. ..l.

    Clan member list

    Clan Recruitment : Opened
  23. ..l.

    [Denied]Clan application - Ahmed_Gren^

    Denied because Clan Recruitment is currently closed
  24. ..l.

    Clan member list

    Clan Recruitment : Closed
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