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  1. sunny_alone

    [Denied]Clan application - KaiTo^

    Thanks you Kaito for having interested toward EK clan. But unfortunately, You are denied as I know you just have left F2 early a couple of days You have to be clanless at least a month Free feel to apply after 1 month
  2. sunny_alone

    Kat & King Cops and Robbers

    The server is closed, i guess
  3. sunny_alone

    hi to aljl peoile tor

    post it at general disscusion, not here
  4. sunny_alone


    hi bro
  5. sunny_alone

    accepted Clan application - 3moreee

    Explain the sentence which was made by you after got denied
  6. sunny_alone

    Kat & King Cops and Robbers

    Enjoyed, Nice server, better than the ones exist on Masterlist Ofc, it still has some bug, but soon will be fixed
  7. sunny_alone


    yes, pls
  8. sunny_alone

    [Denied]Clan application - Galaxy_Boy^

    Denied ( for life ) Khawaja Ban evader Immature Massive Rule-breaks
  9. sunny_alone

    CTF - Fights by maxxx

    lool me vs 3 proest of vks ,y'all noob
  10. sunny_alone

    CTF - Fights by maxxx

    finally, youtube supported max's screen jajaj
  11. sunny_alone

    denied [Denied] Clan application - 3moreee

    hm ? Clan application isn't a joke
  12. sunny_alone

    My Fights <3

    #A ONE MAN ARMY RAISE ! with no MERCY #Teamwork makes everything #Cop Slayers
  13. sunny_alone


    lets use the old one, shall we
  14. sunny_alone


    hello pero Fourm maker I k it was focfed up by Fleke
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