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  1. Pavonis

    denied Clan application - m1c

    Not much of an effort. Doesn't really look like you are interested. You can apply again after 1 or 2 months. Denied.
  2. Pavonis

    denied Clan application - admin

    Is this a troll? Sorry, Denied.
  3. Pavonis

    Clan application - JaR

    Ajajaja Habibi, good luck with the application! BTW, can you like play other servers like A/D, CTF etc? We aren't like before anymore sticking with one server. If, you can i would like to see your performance on them and decide my vote.
  4. Pavonis

    denied Clan application - rekahero1

    I want a clan called Denied.
  5. Pavonis

    denied Clan application - Waleed

    Hey mate, you actually really did well on the things that i suggested you and i am really glad you succeeded to do them. But, unfortunately still some of our clan members think you are not ready yet or we can't trust you right now. I hope you will keep your interest towards the clan and hang around with us more make yourself look more trustworthy, earn everyone's trust and apply here back again after a month or two whenever you feel that you are good to apply. We hope for your best and good luck for future. Denied.
  6. Pavonis

    Clan application - admin

    Not much of a effort on application, we barely even know you i guess. Hang around with us more so we get to know you and better luck next time. Denied.
  7. Pavonis

    denied Clan application - Waleed

    Okay, here is my opinion about you and what my vote mostly depends on. I am a DMer addicted, i mostly don't agree if a player is not good in DM. And i don't like players sticking with one server. So, the things i would suggest you to do is be more active, roam around other servers show your activity show what you got in yourself. If the servers that psy mentioned not appearing in your masterlist feel free to DM me on discord. Again, show your activity, if you are active you wont be running away from my eyes, if you are active i will always be notified. And if you need any help with anything or want to ask me something then as i said feel free to DM me on discord without any worries, ID: Pavonis#3535. I will decide my vote on private section after seeing your performance. Good luck.
  8. Pavonis

    Clan application - White_smile

    LW and Argo both are pretty lazy in responding. Although, i don't suspect him for hacking must be something else.
  9. Pavonis

    Clan application - White_smile

    Can you like play on different servers other than just being in VKs? You know, playing in different servers is better than just sticking with one. Also, focus on your DM skills more.
  10. Pavonis

    Clan application - White_smile

    This doesn't really explains who you are actually, try to make it more briefly (if the application is editable which i doubt is not). Your application is too small, each questions are filled with one line answer. Not saying that you should have just putted some unnecessary stuffs like others, but at least some words to explain yourself. But it seems you haven't joined any clan before so you don't have experience with the applications so i might take it aside. Which servers you mostly prefer btw? And how long do you play per day? I am not so sure about you, so do you have any bad history (hacking / rule-breaking) in other servers? Answer these questions.
  11. Pavonis

    Welcome Razor/Norwel to the clan!

    Congrats man.
  12. Real name اِسْم Nafi Age طِوَال 17 Nationality جَنَسِيَّه Bangladeshi Country of residence بَلَدُ الْمَأوَى Bangladesh Introduction تَقْدِيْم Well, i guess most of you know me well as i am an Ex EK member. I am sort of a player who loves to go for DMs and explore more about the game. Having team wars is the best thing for me :V. About behavior, tbh i really don't see myself being that toxic how some other players see. Maybe people still judge me by my past, but i am not anymore as before. And being a member of ES (Event Staff) actually made my behavior way more professional and better. And i am not sort of a player who is not Loyal to anybody. I guess, that's all i needed to tell about myself. Ingame name اِسْمٌ فِيْ لَهْو Pavonis^LT* Previous ingame name(s) اَسْمَاءٌ خَالِيَةٌ فِيْ لَهْو [ON]P!kach0, =RF=Pavonis, =EK=Pavonis, [VO]Pavonis VCMP experience تَجْرُبَةُ وِيْ سِيْ اَمْ بِي 4 Weapon preference تَفْضِيلَةُ الْبَنَادِق M60, m4 , ingram, shotgun, grenade, chainsaw. Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving فُرُقَ الْخَالِيَةُ وَ لِمَ تَرَكْتَهُم/تَرَكْتِهِم ON - Too much of toxicity, and being there was ruining my reputation way worst. RF - clan was closed. VO - Clan was closed. Average ping تَأْخِير 170 Why are you interested in joining EK لِمَ تُرِيدُ/تُرِيدِينَ الْدُخُولَ فِي اِيلَايِتْكِلَرْزْ Well, i always wanted to join EK. I was kicked due to bad shits, still i did accept my mistake at that time and i never turned against this clan, i guess this explains a lot why i am interested. What benefits can you bring to the clan مَا تَسْتَطِيعُ عَلَيهِ لِلْفَرِيقِ مِنْ الْمَنَافِع I am a person of loyalty, and that's pretty important more than anything. And my DM skills are well enough to be helping out this clan. Name with tag =EK=Pavonis^LT*
  13. Pavonis

    [Denied] Clan application - Bninin

    Gooooooooooood luuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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