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  1. UzI

    Clan application - GuZZ

    Hello applicant, I want to ask few questions before I can cast my vote 1- Which servers do you play because I haven't saw you any where? 2- In which timings you play because it's not possible I haven't saw you while you are playing from 3 years?
  2. UzI

    denied Clan application - Waleed

    Hey @Waleed I am happy to see your application before voting I would like to ask some questions. 1-Which server do you play as almost every EK who are active plays some servers other than VKs such as TDW , CTF , RTV and EAD etc I hope you get my point which servers I'm talking about? 2-Tell me about your timings when you are active as I can only see you in night sometimes.
  3. UzI

    Clan application - White_smile

    You are a good player and I would also like to have you as a clanmate. The thing is I want you to play other mode servers not always stick to VKs, there are other servers such as The Demolitions Wars , EAD and Capture the flag I want you to represent and introduce yourself there also so more people can know you. Anyways good luck.
  4. UzI

    Clan application - MarinePL

    Dear applicant, Thanks for showing interest towards EK, your application will be reviewed privately and a decision will soon be made. Good luck.
  5. UzI

    denied Ths

    Well hello Ronaldo I would like to ask some questions. 1-You was in NK and you didn't mentioned about NK clan. 2-https://f2-clan.boards.net/thread/309/denied-application-zanko?page=1&scrollTo=2431 You are trying your luck everywhere you got no loyalty. 3-1 month ago on KF forum you applied your application is completely different from KF one you got one more previous nick called "Dark". http://kfclan.cf/index.php?topic=934.0
  6. UzI

    denied Clan application - RoNalDo

    You was in NK before, and you didn't mentioned it in your application and What's that thing?You literally applied at RK 1 or 2 days ago and now applied here.
  7. UzI

    Welcome Razor/Norwel to the clan!

    Congratulations @Norwel . Happy to see you in our Family !Make us proud hermano! (2)
  8. Hey! UzI bro

    1. UzI




    2. WhiskeyX.


      How are u Bro :)

    3. WhiskeyX.


      Friendly duel IN EC?Tommorow?

  9. UzI


    =EK=[ U ] z [ I ] ^ REMOVE THE SPACES
  10. UzI


    Guys Add me In-Game My Nick Is =EK=z^
  11. UzI


    Assalam-o-Alaikum Brothers After A Long Time I Am Back I Am Sooo Soo Sorry Because Of My Long Inactivity I Was Busy In My Some "Family Issues" But ALLAHUMDILLILLAH I Am Out Of This Sort I Just Login My Account And I Was Just Broken I Was Just Kicked From EK Its My Request Please Take Me Again In Clan I Will Be Active From Now I Promise I Am Back. Thank You Hope You Guys Would Reply Me
  12. UzI

    Clan application - Mr.Lz

    NO For Now - Meet Me In Game - Improve Your English
  13. UzI

    Clan application - Sheep

    Its A Big FAT YES
  14. UzI

    [Denied] Clan application - Bninin

    I Am Going With Neutral For Now I Have Seen You Behavior Today It Was Quite Well So Make Your Behaviour Better With Others And Make Your Skills More Powerful.
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