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  1. UzI

    Clan application - JaR

    Good luck for your application habibi, I would like you to play other servers such as EC , CTF , EAD and other servers like these as pacoito said we aren't like before anymore we play every server these days with rush so you should also hang out with us in these servers. Good luck again
  2. UzI

    denied Clan application - GuZZ

    Hello applicant, I want to ask few questions before I can cast my vote 1- Which servers do you play because I haven't saw you any where? 2- In which timings you play because it's not possible I haven't saw you while you are playing from 3 years?
  3. UzI

    denied Clan application - Waleed

    Hey @Waleed I am happy to see your application before voting I would like to ask some questions. 1-Which server do you play as almost every EK who are active plays some servers other than VKs such as TDW , CTF , RTV and EAD etc I hope you get my point which servers I'm talking about? 2-Tell me about your timings when you are active as I can only see you in night sometimes.
  4. UzI

    Clan application - White_smile

    You are a good player and I would also like to have you as a clanmate. The thing is I want you to play other mode servers not always stick to VKs, there are other servers such as The Demolitions Wars , EAD and Capture the flag I want you to represent and introduce yourself there also so more people can know you. Anyways good luck.
  5. UzI

    Clan application - MarinePL

    Dear applicant, Thanks for showing interest towards EK, your application will be reviewed privately and a decision will soon be made. Good luck.
  6. UzI

    denied Ths

    Well hello Ronaldo I would like to ask some questions. 1-You was in NK and you didn't mentioned about NK clan. 2-https://f2-clan.boards.net/thread/309/denied-application-zanko?page=1&scrollTo=2431 You are trying your luck everywhere you got no loyalty. 3-1 month ago on KF forum you applied your application is completely different from KF one you got one more previous nick called "Dark". http://kfclan.cf/index.php?topic=934.0
  7. UzI

    denied Clan application - RoNalDo

    You was in NK before, and you didn't mentioned it in your application and What's that thing?You literally applied at RK 1 or 2 days ago and now applied here.
  8. UzI

    Welcome Razor/Norwel to the clan!

    Congratulations @Norwel . Happy to see you in our Family !Make us proud hermano! (2)
  9. Hey! UzI bro

    1. UzI




    2. WhiskeyX.


      How are u Bro :)

    3. WhiskeyX.


      Friendly duel IN EC?Tommorow?

  10. UzI


    =EK=[ U ] z [ I ] ^ REMOVE THE SPACES
  11. UzI


    Guys Add me In-Game My Nick Is =EK=z^
  12. UzI


    Assalam-o-Alaikum Brothers After A Long Time I Am Back I Am Sooo Soo Sorry Because Of My Long Inactivity I Was Busy In My Some "Family Issues" But ALLAHUMDILLILLAH I Am Out Of This Sort I Just Login My Account And I Was Just Broken I Was Just Kicked From EK Its My Request Please Take Me Again In Clan I Will Be Active From Now I Promise I Am Back. Thank You Hope You Guys Would Reply Me
  13. UzI

    Clan application - Mr.Lz

    NO For Now - Meet Me In Game - Improve Your English
  14. UzI

    Clan application - Sheep

    Its A Big FAT YES
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