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  1. IceBlood


    Better ask when a leader is online ingame.
  2. IceBlood

    denied [Denied] Clan application - 3moreee

    I meant that i think you would not have applied in EK if RF was not closed, i wanna check that is EK on your first choice ?
  3. IceBlood

    denied [Denied] Clan application - 3moreee

    Wouldn't you feel same as how you felt when you were in RF if we accept you? Why not ! Plus if RF was still running, would you have applied for EK ?
  4. IceBlood

    denied Clan application - S!r.ReaDy

    It does not matter whoever you are, in a clan application you would be treated as a regular candidate. The answers you gave are not relevant to the questions,I would suggest to answer those questions in the right manner.
  5. IceBlood


    Uzi try to increase your in-game activity in this week and practise with us so you can get back on your skills.
  6. IceBlood


    I think you are in the clan, maybe in game name is removed. Welcome back !
  7. IceBlood

    EK's Assets

    I got the Blue Veh collection ! Pcj600 Infernus Deluxo.
  8. IceBlood

    A Gift to EK.

    No problem , we can change it in The future, as discussed by Angel.
  9. IceBlood

    VCMP Best of [EK]Lahham^

    Laham Pero ! Miss him alot.
  10. IceBlood

    A Gift to EK.

    Rainbow had gave the upgrade to almost half of us who were online. Who are left, Just ask him to give us the upgrade 595 , in-game. Topic can be locked !
  11. IceBlood

    denied4life Clan application - KaKaChi^

    Kakachi also It's not your first time applying in multiple clans at the same time. This is not how things work ! You did this in previous month ! f
  12. IceBlood

    denied4life Clan application - KaKaChi^

    Dear Applicant, Thanks for showing your interest towards our Clan. We will be discussing your application privately. Please be patient.
  13. IceBlood

    denied [Denied]Clan application - LOGiC

    The matter seems to be solved, Sufy and Angel forgived you and they gave you an another chance. My question is why not you join vks back ? And is there any other reason for leaving vks , instead of mentioned above ?
  14. IceBlood

    A Gift to EK.

    +Everyone could use the title after the next patch, according to Angel Nerd.
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