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  1. Umar4911

    [Denied]Clan Join Application

    How can we trust you as you already leaked your VKs account pass?
  2. Umar4911

    [VC:MP] Fights.

  3. Umar4911


    Welcome to EK Forum
  4. Umar4911

    accepted Clan application - 3moreee

    I got some questions: 1. Why did you think that rejecting you was unfair? 2. I remember few words last time we talked on the topic. You said "My life is not to run behind EK". Can you explain that line? 3. What if we reject you again. What you can guarentee that you won't be doing same?
  5. Umar4911

    Kat & King Cops and Robbers

    This is some kinda fact really.
  6. Umar4911

    Kat & King Cops and Robbers

    Tried out yesterday but.... I loved your VL server more.
  7. Umar4911

    [Denied]Clan application - Galaxy_Boy^

    Were you in FF before?
  8. Umar4911


    welcome back ner How I forgot to spam here
  9. Umar4911


    Hey bro! Happy to see that you don't have rank on the forum
  10. Umar4911


    Welcome Back Nerd!
  11. Umar4911

    EK's Assets

    fker, you didn't share to me too. You didn't do /saveprop 19
  12. Umar4911

    EK's Assets

    ID 2 - Office: shared to all EK members with level 4
  13. Umar4911

    EK's Assets

    Office - ID: 2, Owner: Umar Bought it today, meet me in-game and I'll share them
  14. Umar4911

    A Gift to EK.

    Free makhan so he gets accepted in EK I told you that we need to meet a person, remember.....
  15. Umar4911

    accepted Clan application - IceBlood

    Is it a clan joining app or a discussion of KF clan leaving app
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