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About Me

  1. Real name Uzay Age 17 Nationality Turkey Country of residence Ordu Introduction Hi My name is Uzay im playing vcmp very much a day im addicted this game and im trying have a good friends ingame and i find this clan i hope i will be part of clan Ingame name pooo Previous ingame name(s) none VCMP Experience 2 Weapon preference shotgun m60 Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving none Average ping 125 Why are you interested in joining EK its my first app and i wanna join a special clan and be par
  2. Real name Rafay Age 15 Nationality Pakistani Country of residence Pakistan Introduction Hi Freinds, My real name is Abdul Rafay and i am 15 years old. I live in Karachi. Ingame name StorM^ Previous ingame name(s) [D]emoN_[C]harliE, =TDW=[D]emoN_[C]harliE, =TDW=Bl[A]cK.Bi[R]D^, =KM=Bl[A]cK.Bi[R]D^, Bl[A]cK.Bi[R]D^, StorM^, iNs.StorM^ VCMP Experience 1 Weapon preference Stubby, Spaz, M4, M5, M60, Tec-9 and sometimes shotgun Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving TDW, KM, iNs TDW (Closed) KM (inactive memb
  3. Real name Musa Abbasi Age 14 Nationality Pakistani Country of residence Pakistan Introduction Hey guys as most of you know me , My name is Musa as well as my neighbors also call me mahmood when they feel most happy . I country is Pakistan , Sukker city. I like to have a friendly behavior with others . I have lot of anger but also lot of Patience . Ingame name ShadoW.OF.DarKness Previous ingame name(s) [WnS]BlacK.PAnther , WnS.ShaDoW.OF.DarknesS, Feast^ , and many VCMP Experience 3 Weapon preference M4 , St , Shot.
  4. Real name Shahroz khan Age 17 Nationality pakistan Country of residence pakistan in punjab in islamabad Introduction hey guys i am shahroz khan and my age 17 year old i love playing games and vcmp is my favirout server and also i like so much [EK] clan when i started playing vcmp i see [EK] clan members skills they both are pro and i want to be pro like [EK] CLAN Ingame name SharY^ Previous ingame name(s) =FX=Hitler =FX=SharY^ VCMP Experience 2 Weapon preference SHOTGUN SPAZ M4 RUGER PYTHON UZI Previous cla
  5. Real name Alexander Age 16 Nationality Macedonian Country of residence Macedonia Introduction I been playing VCMP for 8 months now, i play everyday on servers like CTF,EC, and i play mostly on VK's it's my favorite server Ingame name LOR3NZO Previous ingame name(s) none. VCMP Experience 0 Weapon preference i kill mostly with stubby and M4 Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving none. i was asked once to join RK and SoA but i denied. Average ping 85 Why are you interested in joining EK Well i
  6. Real name Agustin Beron Age 13 Nationality Argentina Country of residence Buenos Aires Introduction Hello I Am Agustin Beron! I Am From Argentina (Buenos Aires) im male. i like watch tv or play with friends! I consider myself as a good person unable to hurt someone. I Speak Spanish and Portuguese, and i like to learn other languages such as English and Urdu! That's all we apologize for being so i don't know how to express myself too well Ingame name Skillz Previous ingame name(s) Nimitz NKB SpiroRasis Agustin gonza VCMP Exper
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