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[Accepted]Clan application - 4ckr.

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  • Real name اِسْم
  • Age طِوَال
  • Nationality جَنَسِيَّه
  • Country of residence بَلَدُ الْمَأوَى
    United Arab Emirates
  • Introduction تَقْدِيْم
    Greetings, my dear fellows and members of the EK clan. Most of you are well familiar with me already, as I have previously posted an application, and I do interact with all members of the community. However, if you do not know me already, I am glad that you will know me now, and if you were already familiar with me, then I hope you will get to know me better.

    I am 14 years old and was born in the 30th of September, my full name is Syed Khizer Rizvi. I was born and raised in United Arab Emirates, which is where I currently live, as many of you already know. I have been to many countries around the globe, one of them being of course, Pakistan, my homeland. I am a school student, and am currently studying economics, chemistry, and of course, math. I am in grade 8, currently on holidays, which is one of the reason to my activity in the VKs official server.

    During my time at home, I most enjoy to do gaming on my puissant PC. I play many games, which include VCMP, COD, JC, Skyrim, and many more games. However, the games that I most prefer to play is VCMP, as most of my friends are here, and it is just simply enjoyable to play. I mostly play VKS Official Server, but you can also see me in EC sometimes. I have been play VCMP since 2013, however, I had taken many breaks during that time period.

    I hope this description I gave you will help you to know me better.
  • Ingame name اِسْمٌ فِيْ لَهْو
  • Previous ingame name(s) اَسْمَاءٌ خَالِيَةٌ فِيْ لَهْو
  • VCMP experience تَجْرُبَةُ وِيْ سِيْ اَمْ بِي
  • Weapon preference تَفْضِيلَةُ الْبَنَادِق
    Pump Action, Ingram, M4, M60, Python, Molotov
  • Previous clan(s) and reason for leaving فُرُقَ الْخَالِيَةُ وَ لِمَ تَرَكْتَهُم/تَرَكْتِهِم
    In my previous application, I mentioned that I was in the clan "VM", but later on, I researched and found out that the leader, Sardar.Khan, had opened that clan and had left it without telling any of the members. So I assume that the clan never existed as a registered clan, so I will not count it as my previous clan.
  • Average ping تَأْخِير
  • Why are you interested in joining EK لِمَ تُرِيدُ/تُرِيدِينَ الْدُخُولَ فِي اِيلَايِتْكِلَرْزْ
    I have many options of clan to regard, but I have chose EK for many reason, that differ them from the other clans that compete with it. EK is a very special clan, it perfectly balances respect and death-matching skills, which I haven't seen in many other clans. However, members are one of the many parts of a clan, and EK has perfection in almost all aspects that a clan needs to follow, and I will give a few out of the many points here :

    -All members have equality among them

    -The environment is made friendly and welcoming

    -Patience is a quality in each member

    These are just a few examples of why I am interested in joining only this clan, but I recon that you got the points that make EK an extraordinary clan.
  • What benefits can you bring to the clan مَا تَسْتَطِيعُ عَلَيهِ لِلْفَرِيقِ مِنْ الْمَنَافِع
    My skills may not be as good as all of you, but that is an aspect that can be improved. However, presumably, my behavior has improved from the last time I applied, and I believe that I am now a good candidate to be a member of the EK family. I have tried my best to improve on the points that led to some of you voting "no" on my previous application, but I hope that you will be satisfied this time. Getting back to the benefits, I have improved my English from last time, and I am also familiar to the second most common language in the game of VCMP, Urdu. As I am a Pakistani, my fluent Urdu will help me communicate with other Pakistanis who have trouble understanding my English.
  • Name with tag
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1 hour ago, 4ckr. said:
  • I am 14 years old ... I am in grade 8


1 hour ago, 4ckr. said:
  • but I recon that you got the points that make EK an extraordinary clan.

UAV recon?

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1 hour ago, sunny_alone said:


be more active in game and why you follow WK? 


He likes taking medic because I usually take medic and he’s my student.

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3 minutes ago, 4K. said:

He likes taking medic because I usually take medic and he’s my student.

then i would change to Neutral 

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6 hours ago, Umar4911 said:

Fleka savage lol

On topic: neutral, be more active in game

You will notice more activity from me starting tommorow, as I am busy today irl, and I may not be able to join the game. However, I will check the forum every once in a while on my mobile.

Thank you for taking your time to vote.

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On 12/28/2018 at 5:15 PM, Geogeo said:

well it's a Yes for me you've waited long enough and you deserved a chance so good luck with others


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Welcome to EliteKillerz

feel free to put EK tag on your name 

Make sure that you have read the EK notices and more.... in Private Board


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