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CTB - Championship Invitation

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Capture The Base aka CTB hereby announces it's first event called as CTB Champions. Pack your weapons! Gather your mates and dive into this thrilling and exasperating experience of organized matches and a tournament pool in which every team would fight to be the best!

The matches will be played in a 5v5 format between two teams following the game-mode concept of CTB.
Teams can participate only if their captains apply to register their teams on the team applications section of the forum.
Tournament standings/Match fixtures will be revealed after considering the number of registered teams.
Basic CTB rules will be applied in the championship. Failing to comply with the rules can result in a penalty.
Referees and admins will referee the matches and their decisions are to be strictly followed. In case of a misunderstanding made by event staff, it can be later resorted on the forums or discord. Players can apply to become part of event refereeing staff.
In case of any hacking or illegal material used to gain unfair advantage over other players will be strictly handled. Players are to make sure they are playing clean.
Players having a hacking reputation would be disallowed from league after discussion between the staff members.
Referee applications are currently open. If you think you are suitable to organize and host matches then refer to the link below:
Click for Referee Applications!

To register a team, you need to submit an application which can be found here:
Register your team!
For more information and queries, kindly visit CTB Discord by clicking on the link below:

CTB Official Discord!


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