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As you guys know I won a in-game title from Angels event.

So i just thought the title to be 'The Vks Elite'(Name).

Angel told I can share the title to anyone by just informing Angel to give this upgrade (title) to whom whom.

I have not choosed this title,As I need your permission first. 

I thought it would look nice for example The Vks Elite =Ek=4k^

So what you guys think ?

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5 hours ago, IceBlood said:

Btw if this title looks big we can use Only Vks Elite.

You guys can give suggestions.

na, it doesn't matter how big title is 

Title reward is a very special thing

It is your choice

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Lol Umar, I am not doing this to get accepted, I am doing it as a payback for the love given to me by you guys.

Yes I know we have to meet a person !

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Rainbow had gave the upgrade to almost half of us who were online.

Who are left, Just ask him to give us the upgrade 595 , in-game.

Topic can be locked !

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